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Tokyo-Japan >> shibuya/shinjyuku/roppongi/kichijyoji/kanda/aoyama/harajyuku/etc...  Let's go to Japan, and let's experience the "OMOTENASHI".
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A travel guide of Japan
For those who travel to Japan,
【Climate, the weather, currency, a dress, the peace】, etc

Capital Tokyo
Language Japanese
Currency Rates 円(yen)
Security It is famous as a country with good security in the world
Voltage 100V(Transformer may be required)
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Travel guide
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Japanese Halloween
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Four Seasons of Japan
The season of Japan
Spring, summer, autumn, winter, are clearly separated.
However, there is a charm of its own them.

In general, March to May is spring. June-August summer.
September-November autumn. December to February is winter.

Japanese event (January to March)
1/1~1/3 New Year holidays
1/14  Coming-of-Age Day
2/11  Foundation Day
2/14  Valentine's Day
3/14  White day
3/20  Vernal Equinox Day
10/31 Japanese Halloween !

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Temperature of Japan

World heritage

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